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  • The Holy Mountain
  • Purple Rain
  • Bad Taste
  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High

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  • Insanophenia


  • The Third Reich 'n Roll


  • Ad Astra

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  • The Murders at Starved Rock

    The Murders at Starved Rock


    He got to talk to Jansen.

    I thought the first episode was fairly boring but stick with it.

    I talked to my wife a bit after watching the final episode. We agreed that this documentary keeps you guessing. David does a great job searching for the truth and I didn't feel as the information presented was one sided. After each episode I felt a different way about the murderer(s), and I am still trying to figure out what to believe. That may be a bad thing for some, but the DNA evidence should be out next year.

  • The Battery

    The Battery


    I was watching some releases that Arrow Video put out a few weeks back and I discovered After Midnight (2019) by Jeremy Gardener. I was going to watch that, but I decided on his earlier film, The Battery.

    This one is post-apocalyptic zombie film but a relatively new director. Damn, another one, right? That’s all we need. I didn’t put too much thought into choosing this one as I am trying hard to “wing it” with my picks.

    Two friends…

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