Superstition ★★★★★

This one starts off strong. A prankster scares off a couple of teens who are making out in car. Said prankster then gets his body torn in half in a window. His crony is punched by an unseen figure. He somehow gets decapitated and his head ends up in a microwave. You can guess what happens to that head. This is how you start off a movie. The fun element is immediately introduced.

A priest starts to live in the house while his church is renovated. I guess there aren’t any other available houses in the area. These priests know about the evil that has happened in the house and their plan is to cleanse it. It is too late as a spinning saw blade cuts up the Reverend. The areas around the house aren’t safe either. Something pulls a man into the pond and another women gets part of her leg munched off in the same water. That is just in the first 32 minutes.

As I am trying to make sense of all of this craziness, an old woman explains a clue to the violence. She tells the priest to check the church archives about an incident from the 1600’s. The hag tells him to repeat a ritual and that he should not have taken a cross out of the pond.

At about the 45 minute mark, the police try to figure out what is happening and the priest researches the witchery. You get the flashback scene which explains why the pond is cursed and you are introduced to the wiznotch behind it all. She is scary enough with her deformed head and possessed voice. Before she dies, she tells her persecutors that she “will not die.”

What was going on in 1692 wasn’t as interesting as what was going on in the present day but I dug the special effects and gore. There was no time to be bored since there was plenty of action going on throughout the film. The pacing of Superstition is perfect. There is little time to be bored in its 86 minutes. This ones deserves to be legendary (at least for these types of movies).