Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★

A sorority house and female protagonists are the only things this Black Christmas has in common with the OG 1974 Black Christmas and the 2006 Black Xmas.

I wanted to like this cause I saw soooo many ppl shitting on it last year but man it was weak. Slasher films shouldn't be pg-13 ever. Almost no blood and not a single creative kill in the film. Nothing really happens for a long time. Backstabbing friends, black magic, lame reveal, so much sexism, and wasted xmas lights smfh.

4.5 out of 10...only cause I got a laugh out of the brawl during the climax.

Felt like one of Hulu/blumhouse's Into the Dark films

They could've changed the name, gave it an R rating, added blood n guts, snarky dialogue, and turned it into a horror comedy free for all with sorority babes vs fraternity brodudes! Would've been fun as shit I bet!

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