Fright Night Part 2

Fright Night Part 2 ★★★

Charley Brewster and Peter Vincent are back! Three years have passed since they fought vampire Jerry and his minions and alot of things have changed. Charley has a new girlfriend and started college. He's also been seeing a therapist whose convinced him that vampires aren't real! Convinced him that everything that happened was just in his head. Fortunately Peter still remembers and believes.

But its gonna take alot more than hope once Jerry's sister, out for revenge, comes to town with her eclectic group of friends(a flirtatious werewolf, a androgynous vamp on roller skates, a driver who loves eating bugs). Now Peter has to make Charley remember the past so they can battle the undead bloodsuckers(and bug eaters) once again!! Also making matters worse is the fact that Charley is slowly turning into a vampire after a brief tryst with Regine Dandridge.

Fright Night 2 isn't as good as the original but everyone knows that already. It is still a fun watch with some decent practical effects and alot of that 80s charm we all love so much. This needs a blu ray release badly!

6 out of 10

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