Possessor ★★★★½

Slick, psychosexual sci fi thriller about an assassin who uses some sort of brain implant chip to take over other ppl's minds in order to stealthily kill high profile targets. One of the ppl's minds she takes over is stronger than expected and a battle for mental supremacy begins...

Aesthetically pleasing visuals, beautiful cinematography, great performances from the cast(especially Christopher Abbott), brutal bloody violence, and some gruesome practical effects work push Brandon Cronenberg's new film along steadily. One of the better films released in 2020 so far!

Andrea Riseborough, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Sean Bean, weren't given enough screen time imho but they did great when they were on screen. The story draws similarities to Netflix's Altered Carbon to me. I really, really enjoyed Possessor but I think it would have been even better as an 8 to 10 episode mini series.

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