Superhost ★★★★½

Grace Phipps wholeheartedly went 50 shades of killer psycho babe in this film and I absolutely ate it up! The way she stared blankly off into the distance after saying certain things was so freaky. She was absolutely ruthless and we still don't know anything about her. Hopefully this means her stab happy ass will return in an even bloodier sequel. I'd love to watch her off a bunch of ppl in creative ways whilst laughing hysterically again!

Would be so damn dope to see Phipps's Rebecca character go head to head with Mark Duplass's Josef character from Creep 1 n 2 in a bloody free for all!

Went in expecting nothing and for 83 mins I was invested in the small cast and the nutty batshit crazy antagonist! I loved it! One of the best Shudder releases so far this year!

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