Blood Beat ★★★½

I love the poltergeist, the clairvoyance, the harsh juxtaposition of sex and violence, and the audacity of having a resurrected samurai spirit in rural fucking Wisconsin. Regional indie stews don't usually have this much flavor.

Blood Beat is a sensory experience. It's juiced up with 80s animated light effects that look extra cool when they're popping off in some cheesehead's living room instead of a Paramount set. And the music/sound design is like an endless ambient cascade. The close captioning was on when I started it and I was too lazy to turn it off. I'm glad I didn't because I got to see a real choice pairing of words: *mystical boinging*. It's no lie, there's a lot of mystical boinging in Blood Beat. It's an irrefutably silly movie but I wasn't laughing and I only wanted more.

A Poem Through Titles

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