Flash Gordon ★★★

Such extravagant spectacle! The costume and production design of Flash Gordon is so opulent that it's grotesque. Your eyes will never get tired of it. Chunks of this movie are like Ralph Bakshi's Wizards brought to life. Drink it in!

But that's not the only attraction. Sitting on top of all the pretty stuff is a gleefully stupid space adventure. It's too fun to be bad. The presence of legitimate actors like Brian Blessed (leather bar hawk man), Timothy Dalton (Errol Flynn in space) and Max von fucking Sydow (super villain pervert) do a lot for the film's enjoyability. If these guys could get over themselves and goof off, then dammit so can I!

Sam Jones is the ultimate beefcake numbskull. If the star was even a little bit better at acting, Flash Gordon would not work.

And then there's the notorious Queen soundtrack, which leans perfectly into the corny grandeur of it all. Anytime that bass line picked up before an action sequence I got excited. You gotta be some kind of asshole to not have a blast watching this.

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