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  • Captain Pronin 2: In America

    Captain Pronin 2: In America


    ah this reminded me of the work made by Acacio Ortas, Nicolas Guiné, Léopold Bensaid... it's as if the parody itself toyed with a very specific, teen action macho character megalomania drawing style thing. e.g. that extreme sides and frontal portraits of chad Pronin
    gotta love this series

  • The Scarecrow

    The Scarecrow


    Rosalia Zelma's animation work is exquisite and this is a major proof of it. a beautiful lil story about misunderstandings and frustrated hopes. I never thought of seeing a scarecrow flying decorated with daisies ~ by crows ~ before.
    also, the white hare without any outline is a really good art decision...
    watched this on youtube

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  • 1001 Nights

    1001 Nights


    iconic mixed media Yoshitaka Amano's animated art.

    here's a 4K AI Upscale from the dvd original copy just in case you're interested: youtu.be/5aoIZtg-isY

  • People on Sunday

    People on Sunday


    When I’m Too Exhausted to Care About Work, Here’s What I Do.
    1) this brilliantly conveys our relationship with free time (and its corruption)
    2) set my weekly goals for future success