The Descent

The Descent ★★★★½

What is this a horror flick with an all-female cast where all of them look picture perfect and not even a single dumb choice was made by any of them in the entire narrative, well this is fucking original.

The descent concerns a group of friends who decide to go on an expedition to a cave, which turns into a nightmare when they get trapped inside the cave and are pursued by blood-thirsty predators.

The descent is a horror fan wet dream it does everything right and serves the genre and its fans wholeheartedly, by keeping the pacing of the narrative smooth and intense it creates a claustrophobic environment and keeps you on the edge of your seats constantly guessing what's going to happen next, with beautiful performances by the entire cast as the decisions that are taken in such a life-threatening situation just makes you happy that they are doing almost everything right and are getting fucked even more which maintains the thrill and you root for them, even more, to get out of this cave. The descent was an unnerving experience and for me, it is one of the best horror movies of that particular decade.

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