Villains ★★★½

Fuck pennywise I wanna see Skarsgard in more dark comedies, he is made for this genre, probably as a pure antagonist in the future.

Villians ticks almost every box when it comes to dark comedy it's filled with good humour and silly comic moments, the casting choice is just perfect that elevated the plot higher in this genre and the movie gets intense and darker as it moves forward but my main problem here is the third and final act it became a bit predictable, it was a missed opportunity I mean you have to parties one is not that bad and is running for their lives and the other is just pure evil, in the final act they could have gone all guns blazing leading to some over the top violence and gore giving the audiences some jaw-dropping moments. Villains is still an entertaining dark comedy with not a single dull moment and bill Skarsgard 😍.

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