Run ★★★

I don't need you.

Didn't realize until I started watching that this was directed by Aneesh Chaganty - and what a pleasant surprise that was. Searching was an out of nowhere movie that I really enjoyed, and I loved the unique presentation and storytelling, so to find that this new film that was getting such rave reviews was directed by the same person was great to learn, and even better was finding that this takes his skillset to new heights.

This is a kind of movie that I don't think there's an abundance of lately, which is this well crafted, contained thriller. It's not extremely elevated or allegorical like Parasite, not as socially charged as Get Out, and not as manic and sprawling as Uncut Gems, and all of that is a good thing. Sometimes it's great to watch something that just is what it is, and this is just a great thriller. I think Aneesh Chaganty has carved a great space for himself, and I can't wait to see what he does next within it. Even more this feels like a great example of taking an idea that maybe isn't the most intensely original and then using that to craft something unexpected. Just because the concept feels familiar doesn't mean you can't make a great movie out of it, and more than that it doesn't mean you can't surprise your audience, because this movie certainly took me by surprise more than once. Phenomenal performances from Sarah Paulson and especially Kiera Allen, whose performance creates a truly incredible case for why we should cast disabled people in disabled roles. It's been a long time since I've seen someone sell a role so well.

A fantastic and unexpected experience.

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