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  • Night and Fog

    Night and Fog

    They are always with us, the thin people
    Meager of dimension as the gray people

    On a movie-screen. They
    Are unreal, we say:

    It was only in a movie, it was only
    In a war making evil headlines when we

    Were small that they famished and
    Grew so lean and would not round

    Out their stalky limbs again though peace
    Plumped the bellies of the mice

    Under the meanest table.
    It was during the long hunger-battle

    They found their talent…

  • The River

    The River

    Mary grab the baby river's risin' muddy water taking back the land
    Old frame house she can't take no more beatin' ain't no use to stay and make a stand
    Well the morning light showed water in the valley
    Daddy's grave just went below the line
    Things they say you just can't take 'em with you
    The flood will swallow all you leave behind
    Won't be back to start all over cause what I've held before is gone
    Mary take…

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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread

    I can live with the sky falling out from above
    I can live with your scorn, your sourness, your smug
    I can live with growing alone if push comes to shove
    But I can't live without my mother's love
    I can live flying around at an impossible pace
    I can live with the bad etiquette that's fallen on this place
    I can live with anything you got to throw in my face
    But I can't live without my mother's embrace

  • The Swimmer

    The Swimmer

    I can swim the length of the public pool underwater. I like to swim right along the bottom with my eyes open, and sometimes I find things—a barrette, some change, a ring, a gold chain, some plastic spacemen, a comb, nothing too extraordinary. But this one day I was swimming along and I spotted a pearl, and then another and so on until I had both hands full of pearls, real pearls. When I surfaced I heard this darkly tanned,…