The Passion of Joan of Arc ★★★★½

I watched about half of this quite a while ago, and while I liked it, it didn’t fully capture my attention and I never got around to finishing it. this time, something really clicked for me. I found Falconetti's performance a little melodramatic the first time around, but this time I was really taken by the sheer strength of her presence on screen. needless to say, Maria Falconetti is stunning as the desperate Joan of Arc - she commands the screen like a force of nature. whenever she is present it’s impossible to look away. it does a service to her performance that the film is silent, as all emotion is conveyed through the face, magnifying its power and resonance.

the camerawork is highly inventive, with the upside-down and low shots of running figures conveying a sense of heightened chaos towards the end of the film. this and Falconetti's performance contributes to an extremely intense viewing experience, probably the most intense silent film I've seen.

Film School Drop Outs 2018: 3/52