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  • Days of Being Wild

    Days of Being Wild

    You can tell this is one of Wong Kar Wai's earlier films. There is a youthfulness to the characters. They are more vibrant and wild, emotionally and sexually. They are colder, but more dependent and consumed by their burning desires.

  • Right Now, Wrong Then

    Right Now, Wrong Then

    Being honest is a tricky thing. Particularly with our feelings. To be vulnerable around others is always a danger, we never know how they're going to react. Sometimes it's easier not to do it, and just stick to the surface. Most people will like you more. It's safer, more conventional and expected. Yet, you hardly ever reach anything real living your life that way.

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  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story


    Look I'm not and never was the Star Wars guy. I didn't grew up with it like I did with for example the Harry Potter franchise as the first time I watched the original trilogy was about 2 years ago, and while I didn't dislike it, I also wasn't really impressed by it. Nonetheless, I've always thought Han Solo was the more interesting and charismatic character so I was of an open mind to this movie when it was first…

  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Punch-Drunk Love

    I'm such a sucker for these types of films. You know, when socially awkward people find love in the midst of all the loneliness and depression. There's nothing more human and beautiful than when a person truly accepts you for who you are, all your crap, all your insecurities. My favorite from PTA. Also, Jon Brion is GOAT.