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  • Adore



    Somehow too trashy to have any emotional resonance while not trashy enough to be any fun.

  • Miami Connection

    Miami Connection


    Exists in that film grading gray area where the film itself deserves 0.5/5 while the experience of watching it is a solid 5/5.

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  • The Revenant

    The Revenant


    The film looks so good you almost forget that it isn't.

  • Hearts of the World

    Hearts of the World


    In the name of patriotism and the strategic need for American support for a war effort they weren’t yet fully embracing, D.W. Griffith got to open up his old Birth of a Nation playbook for artistically crafted epic action set pieces, romance pitted against the vagaries of history, and the stripping of the humanity of the “other” — in this case "the Huns," standing in for freed slaves and abolitionists. Though out and out propaganda, the final product is nonetheless…