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  • Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You


    Loved so much about this especially how the background details were slowly woven into the main story. I did think it sagged a bit but then things happened and everything got a lot more interesting again.

  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    I completely understand why so many people rated this so highly but I think my tiredness stopped me appreciating it quite that much - although it did make it feel even more dreamlike.

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  • The Falling

    The Falling


    Hooked from the start and completely engrossed by every single minute. A film that defies genre and expectations, where it feels like absolutely anything could happen and still manages to shock and surprise. Every scene is beautifully shot and perhaps sounds even better. It's not just the songs but the sound design that has a real impact, the scene with the therapists really stands out.

    From the audience reaction I know it's not a film for everybody but I can't…

  • Elvis: That's the Way It Is

    Elvis: That's the Way It Is


    This is up there with The Last Waltz as a great music documentary and concert film. The first half focusses on the preparation for the show and is a wonderful insight into an often unseen world. The second half is the concert (or several concerts cut together) and simply amazing.

    Elvis died a few weeks after I was born and before seeing this film I realised that I'd never really listened to any of his work. Of course, I know…