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  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    This is why you should continue to limit social gatherings to 6 people. It's weird to say how much you enjoyed something so full of anxiety but like mother! and Uncut Gems I found this so enthralling. It also only 78 minutes and has a fantastic ending.

  • Raya and the Last Dragon

    Raya and the Last Dragon


    Much more of an action film than I was expecting and those scenes are always enjoyable to watch. The story may seem familiar but it's certainly more coherent than other similar setups (e.g Horizon Zero Dawn that I happen to be playing at the moment). I still have some issues when animation tries to do photo realism but most of this looks really good. There are two(?) moments that take place inside somebody's mind and they use a lovely 2D animation style which made me wish the whole film had been that way.

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  • The Falling

    The Falling


    Hooked from the start and completely engrossed by every single minute. A film that defies genre and expectations, where it feels like absolutely anything could happen and still manages to shock and surprise. Every scene is beautifully shot and perhaps sounds even better. It's not just the songs but the sound design that has a real impact, the scene with the therapists really stands out.

    From the audience reaction I know it's not a film for everybody but I can't…

  • The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow

    The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow


    This is the best film I've ever seen about a satellite who transforms into a girl and befriends a boy who's turned into a cow featuring a talking toilet roll. Ever.

    Obviously it's all kinds of weird in a charming way but unfortunately there's not really enough story to sustain the running time.

    I wonder what Noam Chomsky would make of this.