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  • Nobuta wo Produce

    Nobuta wo Produce


    This series was so overwhelming and touching. It was really enjoyable to watch and it never got boring. The friendship is beautiful and I got to learn so many things from this series. I absolutely recommend it!!!

  • Peach Girl

    Peach Girl


    Omg I really enjoyed watching the movie. It was so good and I loved the cast!! I did not imagine that it would be THAT good!! a movie which I can totally recommend :)

  • For You In Full Blossom

    For You In Full Blossom

    You have to watch the series!! it is really funny and enjoyable

  • Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday's You

    Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday's You


    I love this movie!! the cast is great and the plot is incredibly good!!
    In my opinion I think this movie is one of the best Japanese movies and everyone must have watched it for once. Even my friends who do not watch Japanese movies could not stop crying and loved it as well!