Lamb ★★★½

I quite like the concept, I don't mind the slow pace, I just wish it gave me more to think about. There isn't much dialogue in Lamb, and when characters do talk it's often routine chit-chat that doesn't really tie into the plot. It's very much something you need to be visually and conceptually invested in to get something out of.

Filmed in a stunning Icelandic valley, there's a real sense of isolation, which is probably the only foreboding, unsettling thing about the film. Marketing this as a horror is a strange move, while it is quite dark and morbid and off-kilter in a way a lot of A24's horror films are, it will no doubt set some people up for disappointment if that's how they find the film. It's about as "not for everyone" as a film can be if we're being frank, the story is minimalist, what you see is what you get, but I personally enjoyed it, and there's elements of the direction that make me believe Valdimar Jóhannsson is someone I should keep an eye on.

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