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  • Katasumi



    While I really prefer the structure and scare of 4444444444, Shimizu's mastery over unsettling daytime locations is in full effect here. Plus, some nice Raimi-esque monster POV shakycam action is always fun.

  • Apeiron



    Works a lot like a spiritual cousin to the MSX-made 'The Flying Luna Clipper', similarly using pixel art and video game aesthetics to craft an offbeat sci-fi narrative. But where The Flying Luna Clipper structured shots to look a lot more like traditional cinema than a video game, Apeiron leans hard into its visual inspirations, feeling like you're watching a playthrough of some lost, incredibly fucked up late-90s adventure game/experimental PS1 oddity. I have no earthly idea what it was about, besides the fact that I loved it.

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  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive



    "The land of dreams."

    Mesmerizing and terrifying on a level that few films can hope to reach - this one's gonna stick with me for a long while. Holy shit, David.

  • All the Colors of the Dark

    All the Colors of the Dark


    2018 New Year's Resolution - 26/100

    Oh hell yes. Easily the most overtly gothic gialli I've ever seen, combining the usual half-remembered murders and psychoanalysis with satanic cults, demonic orgies, and mysterious branding in a vibrant 70s London. Easily the most dreamlike, deconstructed, and just off-the-wall weird gialli I've seen from the classic period, with every technical aspect of the film firing on all cylinders with extra dream sequences to spare. Blue eyes have never looked quite so piercing.