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  • C.H.U.D.



    "A Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller. A CHUD, alright?"

    Has a lot of the same charms as a Larry Cohen movie, as this is basically just a kinda sleazy NYC social commentary procedural that also happens to have mutant goofs that rip people's face off with their teeth.

  • Haxx Deadroom

    Haxx Deadroom


    [Demaster Cut]

    Still love this one, and the 'de-master' brings out a lot of what worked so well in the first place, putting it in some bizarre void between like, The Lawnmower Man and some fucked up TV show episode you'd catch on TV at 2AM and only half-remember the next morning.

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  • Halloween



    Absolutely fucking not. I categorically reject everything this has to say about trauma, storytelling, and also just making a watchable movie. If I wasnt seeing this with a group of friends I would've walked out at at least a half dozen points. Cannot believe the good will this is getting.

  • Heat



    "I don't know how to do anything else."
    "Neither do I."
    "And I don't much want to."
    "Neither do I."

    I last saw HEAT a few weeks ago, a few hours after a particularly traumatic event, sitting with one of my best friends and watching it through tears. And something happened while I was watching, where it all clicked - everything I loved about the movie before, I loved more, every wail of Goldenthal's score, every lost look from the…