I wish I were creative.
You are. You're great at creating difficult situations.

18, UK, mentally in 2007

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  • Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

    Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!


    fell so hard and fast for this film / tura satana that I immediately had to make a tribute to her -

    Am just head over heels in love with the camp and the fantastic dialogue just this side of self aware and these women with their ridiculously tight outfits and gaudy innuendos... no matter how unintentional, the feminist undertones loom as large as these women in the frame with male counterparts who more than pale in comparison, weak…

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  • Repulsion



    Baffles me to no end that Polanski's so innately talented film wise, especially in laying brutally bare the dimensions of the female psyche. Only seen this and Rosemary's Baby from him so far but both have struck me (and literally everyone else duh) as insanely ironic considering his own vile nature. Have got no desire to re-examine the art vs artist debate at any great lengths but the TLDR on my take is that it's largely futile. All art is…

  • Spree



    So ridiculously funny... am dying to see the team in charge of all those fake stream comments because no clown over the age of 21 could replicate the morbidity of a teenager grovelling for laughs on a twitch chat. As a framing device it's handled as deftly as you could hope for with such a clunky pitch, feels like the definitive (AND SUPERIOR!) culmination of the underwhelming mobile-device-teen-horror nonsense of the past few years. In commentary terms, the final act…

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  • Madeline



    why can't I have my own miss clavel to guide me through life

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    intellectual me who recognises that constantly rewatching a film is probably gonna reduce my enjoyment and appreciation of it over time vs real me who can’t stop using this masterpiece as a coping mechanism to escape my own life