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  • Lion



    the first half is what makes the film great.
    and my privileged heart break deeply.

  • 1917



    This wasn't even on my watchlist 'cause I reached a point I was really done with the constant (every year we get at least three) release of bellic movies around the same wars and topics.
    BUT I've been in a really weird mood this year and no movie could catch and mantain my attention. I played this with 0 expectations, without reading any review and knowing no opinions about it.
    + amazing cinematography & use of colours
    + the one-take…

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  • Thir13en Ghosts

    Thir13en Ghosts


    my father let me saw this when i was like 8 years old and it wander in my head for a long time, especially the two obese brothers and the effective scene of the two slices of a person.
    when i rewatched this as a teenager i get to the conclusion that it's a really good comedy.

  • Mistress America

    Mistress America

    i found the acting of everyone here the most annoying thing ever... pointless and just to superficial to engage with any characters.