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  • The Sleeper

    The Sleeper


    While The Sleeper does succeed in mimicking the aesthetic of your average 1980's slasher flick (to a certain extent) it fails to deliver anything new or noteworthy. Its driving plot points are near carbon copies of classics within the genre; Black Christmas being the most prominent.
    Though the film was made with a scant budget of $30,000 the practical effects were adequate. However, it's void of any of the mystery that works in most of the films it's hearkening back…

  • The Lords of Salem

    The Lords of Salem


    I'll preface this review by saying that I've enjoyed all of the films Rob Zombie has done. He is a polarizing director among both rabid horror fans and film enthusiasts alike.
    House of 1000 Corpses remains my personal favorite in his filmography. I believe that the juxtaposition of frantic cutaways, general plot progression, and restrained scenes, such a Steve Naish's ultimate demise, lead perfectly down a path to the all out havoc that develops as the film goes on.

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  • The Wicked

    The Wicked


    The premise of The Wicked was intriguing and had potential, though it was hindered by shoddy special effects (a few instances involving blood splatter were reminiscent of early installments of the video game Mortal Kombat), setups that lead into predictable payoffs, and acting that ranged from mediocre to just plain bad. I quite liked Diana Hopper's performance given the material she had to work with, however. The script certainly would not have suffered from a few more revisions...and in the…

  • Red Dawn

    Red Dawn


    This retooling of Red Dawn is not terrible, but it has the same faults that a lot of other remakes have; Fright Night, in particular, comes to mind. They take a few effective scenes and reuse them in a less effective manner (such as the underground ambushes and presenting the tension of sneaking into town for supplies). They don't bother fleshing out the characters. Each scene is short and implements the minimal amount of dialogue and action to move the…