Black Panther ★★★

“You can't let your father's mistakes define who you are”

Obviously an important milestone in many regards, I also found Black Panther to be more thematically interesting than most big features pumped out by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is certainly subjective, but with a relative interest in post-colonial theory there's a lot of fascinating politics here to elevate this script above just a regular superhero movie. Also, whilst the actual CGI is very clunky, the film triumphs in visual design. The sci-fi tech, the blend of different African cultures (although arguable in its own regard) and the mixture of these two elements makes for a visually fascinating movie throughout.

Where much of the film falters though, is in the script. Tying the threat in the film to colonial exploitation fits nicely into the themes, but the villain Killmonger is one of the few interesting characters here. The performances are often sincere, but the characters feel quite hollow and this goes for our lead T'Challa as well. The film is also plagued by some usual MCU-issues with stilted jokes and semi-ugly action. The biggest misstep for me here is the structure though; the Klaue-plot taking up half the runtime mostly feel like a thin excuse to bring fourth Killmonger and spending half the movie just waiting for this great villain undermines the momentum. Generally, most of the plot in Black Panther seem to take the backseat to themes and these are themes I certainly appreciate, I just wish this great world will be the setting for better stories in the future.

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