Fascination ★★★

“At midnight, you'll see what seven women can do to a lonely man”

Like a wacko version of The Beguiled, Fascination has a brief premise yet everything about it feels so much like Jess Franco. Visually the film is a wonder to behold; the ghastly wind and fancy castle creates a tension worthy of a gothic horror story and the central female pair has chemistry and power enough to make for some real thrills. However, there’s plenty of shoddy elements to drag this down as well. I don’t mind erotica, but Franco’s total focus on naked female bodies does absolutely nothing to elevate this plot and the acting is seldom memorable. Fascination has a more artful ambition than most cult movies, making for a very watchable experience with some interesting potential themes, but the incredibly unfocused plot and distracting exploitation-elements makes it hard for me to fully applaud it.

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