Hook ★★

Steven Spielberg’s idea of portraying a grown-up Peter Pan in a mid-life crisis is a bit cleaver, but instead of actually exploring that, Hook so quickly throws back into everything we’ve come to see from adaptations of J.M. Barrie’s story. The whole premise of this film and its exploration of childish nature is so blatantly obvious, Robin Williams’ sympathy sells it fine but the film doesn’t care to give more context than what we’re supposed to already have about the story. Williams leads a well-casted film (Bob Hoskin was put on this earth to play Smee) but the characters they inhabit are the same kind of flamboyant Hook and crew we expect. The sets look like a bad amusement park and the thin plot is padded out with pointless matinéchoreography.

There are some fun performances here, but the incredibly silly and unsubtle plot robs the film of any potential emotions of lost childhood. It’s one big pile of spectacularly misguided nonsense.

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