Parasite ★★★★½

It would be hard to call Gisaengchung (Parasite) subtle in its class dynamics and politics, but I don’t really feel that’s the point in this wild, broad image of the burning class dynamics trapping us all. Maybe you’ll need an ounce of suspension of disbelief to fully buy into the naive acting of the upper-class family here, but overcoming that one inch barrier, the script unfolds to something incredibly smart yet so tight throughout. Juggling more than eight central characters, Bong Joon-Ho succeeds in giving everybody a unique personality and the across-the-board stellar acting adds to a nuance stretching beyond the class dynamics. What’s perhaps most admirable here is the complete, confident grace with which Bong swings from the cleaver heist-esque first half to a seat-edge-thriller in the latter half and still managing to keeping it all wickedly fun and deeply tragic with shifts that would give you whiplash had anybody else attempted it. It’s that balance that is the finest achievement of this astonishing picture; capturing so many different tones, characters, genres and twist yet make it all come of with an apparent ease.

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