Song of the Sea ★★★★

“Remember me in your stories and your songs”

In trying to describe the design in Song of the Sea, I would probably just falter, as it’s simply gorgeous and uniquely fascinating. What I especially love about it is how it showcases the ability to artistic expressions in animation, creating a unique style and artwork to invite the viewer to special emotions. Story-wise, the film is wise in grounding its magical plot in a calm home and keeping the mystery at just enough of an arm’s length to create curiosity.

I do think the side-characters feels chiseled from very traditional molds — like the magical grandmother-trope and the enclosed father-figure — but the central pairing that is the children has more than enough variety and nuanced touches to compensate and their love carries Song of the Sea through everything. The overarching plot is at times a bit too thinly sketched (the motivations of the elves felt kind of off to me) but the mood (with beautiful music) and emotions conveyed through so much other than just the script elevates the film to magical heights and is a great proof of the possibilities for animated film.


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