Warlock ★★½

A fantasy-horror-combo sounded like a fun idea to me. See, I’m not a big fan of the fantasy genre, but in Warlock we’re far removed from the tired tropes of kingdoms and far-away-heroes as the action is moved to present time (well, the 1980s). But how much horror is there to be found here? Well, not that much but my gripe with this film isn’t really the mixture of genres but rather that the tone is far too whimsical for the darker elements to work.

Sure, the idea of a rollicking, fish-out-of-water-adventure featuring two battling magicians moved to modern days is a good (arguably, great) idea. Yet something with Warlock just doesn’t… pop. Part of it may be said tone, but I also think the acting is to blame. Not that it’s really bad, but it’s just not enough to be completely memorable. Redferne’s big fur-coat and the Warlock’s… Slick hair, just isn’t quite enough to make for two iconic characters. Julian Sands is fittingly scene-chewing but not giving much room to play and much of the film just trods along towards the inevitable climax. It’s filled with charming effects, some fun fish-out-of-water-moments and occasional wacky magic but as a whole, this is better in concept than reality.

Hooptober Eight

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