Weird Science ★★

“You two donkey-dicks couldn't get laid in a morgue”

Coincidentally, this is the second film in a row in which Robert Downey Jr. tries to create a good machine but ends up creating a weapon instead. And that’s about the most fun I have to say about Weird Science, a film spending less than 10 minutes building up its crazy idea and quickly spirals away with a hasty pace and way too random scenes. Whilst the concept reeks of misogyny, every actor (with Bill Paxton as a highlight) does their best to sell the film but John Hughes has little more to his plot than the concept.

Sure, the title track is groovy and the female robot is arguably the one we cheer on, but the film is nonetheless overtly clear with its ideas and Kelly LeBrock is still exploited in every scene. With not much more to the plot than its concept, Weird Science just sees its characters drag around for gags falling on the fact that the characters are so unlikeable. More than just problematic, this is simply a monotonous, thin and flat effort from Hughes.

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