Tenet ★★★★½

Finally got to go to the theatre for the first time in 5 months, and I got a little teary eyed when the Cineplex logo sound played. 

Tenet was awesome!!! Definitely needs a few rewatches to catch everything (it is a Nolan film after all!) but damn if the action sequences weren’t amazing and John David Washington is getting to be one of my favourite up and coming actors. He oozes coolness (and looks damn fine in a suit). I also have always loved Kenneth Branagh. ❤️
My only complaint was that some of the dialogue was muffled and difficult to hear, hopefully someone fixes that before it gets released on disc. 

Also- I dropped my mask when I was about to leave (my $35 horror gods mask, no way was I leaving without it) and it fell behind the row of seats in front of me. I jammed my arm down to get it... and got stuck!!!! I couldn’t get my arm out!!! Took 4 tries to get it out, and it immediately came out with a helluva bruise halfway up my humerus to down past my elbow. :(. Only I can manage to get my arm stuck in a theatre seat. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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