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  • The Monster Squad

    The Monster Squad


    It's like a horror version of the Goonies or Stand By Me. Fantatsic and a classic..

  • Maniac



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This is a strange movie. I felt very uncomfortable the entire time, obviously that is the point of the movie but it worked. The acting is terrible in my opinion and the constant groans, moans, grunts, and heavy breathing that plays whenever Frank is carrying out his acts are very unsettling and weird. Again, that is the point of it being there but it just was awkward. All that being said though, I love the kills, the suspense and the…

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  • It



    I loved this movie, I'll be going to see it again in theaters. The horror of it is great, the comedy is absoluley hilarious, all the actors are so good, and I got such a connection with the characters right from the start. I love how in this version they didn't have to hold back on the blood, gore, and horror as they did with the original. This movie is just great, all the kids are such great actors, they are all hilarious, and you instantly care about each one of them. I suck as reviewing stuff so just watch it..

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    This film is amazing! Pushed so many boundaries. And something that alot of people don't know is this movie is a direct pro animals rights/pro Vegan film as well. The way people freak out over Leather Face wearing human skin and torching humans but not even care about how humans wear cow skin as jackets, hunt innocent animals or even have whole couches made of deer skin or cow skin. Same with how people don't care about eating animals, but…