Happy Death Day 2U ★★★★

Jessica Rothe, aka the most talented person in La La Land, shines again in this slasher-but not really, that after dealing with the weight of loss and the cyclical nature of self-loathing, decides to talk about living with said loss, accepting it, and the person that it made you. It's also about love. Love, the healer of all, as corny as it sounds. Love is what ultimately broke the loop, and saved Tree.

This film is not just about those sappy shit I like so much, but it's also very funny. Darkly so, especially in a hilarious suicide montage set to Paramore's Hard Times. And all the supporting cast is great, which makes me even sadder about this film not doing well at the box office. We really need this to have as many sequels as possible. Come on, Blumhouse, take a leap of faith!