Spotlight ★★★★

The movie is about both a story of great victory, and a story of unbelievable tragedy. Spotlight conveys not only the story of the abuse of hundreds of people by hundreds of priests, but also the story of, at times, the crippling difficulty of actually brining such a story to light. Spotlight is well put together, and does not dawdle on parts of the story which do need it. As someone unacquainted with either the story of the priests, or the world of news, I felt the movie was able to tell a detailed and impactful story about both, without ignoring the reality of the circumstance, or getting lost in the minutiae. It struck the right balance of covering events as they would have happened (I have to assume), but also putting the viewer in a place to get caught up with the emotion and difficulty of it all. The victims stories were conveyed effectively alongside the story of the investigation team. The effectiveness stemmed from the fact that the viewer was able to follow along with discovery as the team did, and get sucked in by the process, not just the outcome.