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  • Inspector Gadget

    Inspector Gadget

    In 1987 Matthew Broderick killed two people in a car crash due to carelessness and was facing five years in prison. Instead, he was fined £100. This film, much like that verdict, is an abomination

    Go go gadget kill me

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  • The Wonders

    The Wonders


    a nice intersection of sur/realism that perpetuatues italian cinema's thread of stories of lower class working people. very tidy

  • Fist of the North Star

    Fist of the North Star


    i love ken

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  • Annie


    wanted annie to stay in orphanage

  • Lake Placid 2

    Lake Placid 2

    starting my hooptober VII the only way i know how: god-awful CGI, unwatchable acting, and grenade launchers

    hooptober VII: second in franchise + decade (00s)