Dune ★★★

Visually stunning, but the characters are just not fleshed out enough. Some characters (e.g. Yueh) are only seen a few brief moments before something big happens and there is no connection between audience and characters. So things just happen and have little to no emotional impact.
I can't imagine that ppl who did not read the source material understand what's going on. Essencial things out of the book are also just dropped. For example that Paul and Jessica can't leave Arrakis, because they already so addicted to Spice (because the dust ist everywhere in the air) that they would die if they wouldnt consume it. Instead Paul just said basically "no I'm not leaving" to his Mom. I probably like the source material too much to get over decisions like that.

Don't get me wrong it's a really entertaining movie and it gets a lot right. Some key scenes are one to one adapted from the book. I just don't understand how there is such a small amount of content packed into such a long screentime.

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