The Wolverine

The Wolverine ★★★½

“This isn’t going to end well. Everyone you love dies.”

R Rated Extended Cut

The Wolverine is probably the most underrated film in the X-Men series. For about 2/3 of this movie it has streaks of good to great parts. The action is absolutely fantastic. A sequence on a bullet train blew me away. Really good action sprinkled throughout. Watching the longer version really added some cool fight scenes and Wolverine actually curses. Hugh Jackman is always great in this role. Unlike in Logan, Wolverine is still dropping one liners and telling jokes. His life is not fully horrible yet so when he meets Yokio and Mariko his humanity gets restored. Also, this mystery surrounding the Silver Samurai was compelling. I wanted to get answers and I was invested. James Mangold’s direction and the script really make for a slower paced but still interesting superhero film. Even though there is so much good, this movie will leave you with a sour taste. The whole third act is incredibly ridiculous. Wolverine battles some Robot and some stupid other villain stripping this movie from its somewhat grounded story. That really was a huge mistake because this could have been even better if they stuck the landing. The Wolverine is a good movie but in the end I just needed that third act to work more. They were so close and for about 75% of this movie, these filmmakers made a kickass film.

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