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  • Burning


    Not sure how to rate this just yet.

    There were sequences in this film that I found to be some of the most stunning I've seen on the big screen in quite a while. The plot thoroughly engaged me for about 85% of the movie (there were a couple lulls in the middle for me). The performances were all lovely and held me engaged surprisingly well especially when a 3 person-film is 2.5 hours. I am not sure what to…

  • Non-Fiction



    This is my favorite of Olivier Assayas' last three movies. While his last couple have merely hinted at problems with consumerism, materialism, and modern-day technology, this one just comes at all of these issues with much more nuance than before. His self-seriousness in the past is gone here as well, he's opted for a straight comedy that had quite a few laugh out loud moments for myself and the rest of the audience. Sure, it's a lot less visually inventive than his past films but I found the dialogue and performances more compelling, and the thematic concerns far less abstract.

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    "Just tell us a story"

  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade


    I had to watch so much of this through my hands