Star Trek

Star Trek ★★★½

Star of the show here is Karl Urban's eyebrow channeling the spirit of Bones McCoy with effortless, irresistible élan.

This combination reboot-prequel-tribute gets a lot more right than it gets wrong — Quinto as Spock and Peggy-boy as Scottie are both Johnny-on-the-spot, the trademark Trek time-travel tribulations are suitably nonsensical, and I like the way Uhura is now a polyglot linguistics genius and acoustics prodigy rather than a switchboard operator, even if she still doesn't actually do much — but a couple of things I just can't get behind. One: those renegade Romulans, sleazing it up on their massive mining vessel (whose Cthulhu-esque design I did like), are about as half-assed as antagonists come. And two: Chris Pine's Kirk, who simply lacks the roguish charm, the sportiveness, that made Shatner's cap'n so appealing. Pine gives it plenty of welly, but he leans so far into the maverick side of the character that he comes off as one-dimensional, a distinctly 21st century action hero who's strayed into the wrong cinematic universe.

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