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  • Soufra


    ★★★★ well as heartbreaking to know more about the situation refugees face in Lebanon specifically (and to think of how much worse has become in the last few months).

    Mariam and the whole Soufra team is an inspiration. I cried multiple times throughout it. My little Lebanese-Syrian heart couldn't take it.

    This movie makes me so hungry and makes me miss Beirut so much.

  • Timbuktu



    Absolutely heartbreaking but also absolutely beautiful (with so much wonderful music). Some of the most visually striking films come out of North Africa, in my opinion. 

    One thing I was thinking about while watching this film, was the way Western filmmakers make films based in the SWANA region (as well as Central and South America) yellow-tinged. It’s meant to invoke the feeling of the sun, the heat the desert (in theory, that is) but they get it all wrong (because…

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  • Jasper Mall

    Jasper Mall


    I really enjoyed this film. My interest spurned from an fascination with abandoned malls and major retailers. To watch one in the process of dying is weird and fascinating. As much as I hate being in malls myself, Jasper Mall shows how important these centers can be to people in a small city like Jasper, AL. It's where the domino players congregate for their regular game, where older folks walk every morning, where people house their small businesses and teenagers…

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    I didn’t dislike it as much as I thought I would. I found it to be a little dull, something that I don’t think I’ll think much about later but I think it was a well crafted slice of life piece. It’s hits on the confusing nature of love and relationships pretty well....being able to love someone and hate them at the same time. Being able to love someone and feel like you can’t be together anymore. I appreciated that. All this being said, I personally didn’t find this film to be innovative or all that interesting.