Arab Documentary Films Streaming Now

This is a collection of Arab documentary films currently on streaming platforms that I found in my research. This list was created to accompany a post on the Arab Film and Media Institute blog. 

Streaming meaning available to watch online for free or with a subscription. This does not include films available to rent or purchase digitally. 

Films included are available to stream on one or more of the following platforms: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, The Criterion Channel, Vudu, TubiTV, Kanopy, Cinemoz, Fandor, World Channel and Sundance Now.

  • For Sama
  • Five Broken Cameras
  • The Square
  • The White Helmets
  • Born in Syria
  • A Syrian Love Story
  • The Cave
  • Born in Gaza
  • Off Frame AKA Revolution Until Victory
  • Umm Kulthum
  • Karama Has No Walls
  • The Judge
  • Dalya's Other Country
  • Anjar: Flowers, Goats and Heroes
  • Speed Sisters
  • Resistance Is Life
  • Trances
  • بنت القمرة
  • Corner Store
  • The Noise of Cairo
  • Tuk-Tuk
  • Cairo Drive
  • Undercover Egypt
  • Salam Neighbor
  • What Comes Around
  • The Wanted 18
  • Gaza
  • Slingshot Hip Hop
  • Gaza Surf Club
  • Soufra
  • A Sinner in Mecca
  • Introduction to the End of an Argument
  • Jaddoland