Captain Marvel ★★★★½

when i saw on twitter back in late october 2014 that marvel was making this movie it was the middle of a hectic day at a job that had not yet revealed how terrible it would be, and i slipped past my boss trying to hide that i was crying because i needed to take a walk to fully take in that my favorite super lady was getting her own movie, even if i had to wait damn near five years to see it 

y’all i’m just so HAPPY. there’s so much good and so many fun little details that are going to make at least certain moments in cap 2 play very differently and!!!! so many chills. carol please marry me

(the reality of the kree-skrull conflict alongside the softcore usaf recruitment ad bits is. certainly a Thing. turning the oblivious irony up to 11 for sure.)

anyway thanos better keep both eyes open

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