Friends with Kids ★★★

If you're a fan of the cast then you will enjoy this movie a lot more than someone who is unfamiliar with this laugh riot crew. Clearly Maya Rudolph is total preggers during this film but they do quite a fine job of hiding it. Chris O'Dowd has this weird American accent. He sounds oddly Canadian then from North Dakota. Kudos for the effort. I know in Bridesmaids he was tough to understand at times.

It's like all these couples were mixed up, so the movie felt off kilter. The storyline of 2 friends deciding to make and rear a baby together with no romantic attachments was clever enough. But this movie focuses less on bringing the kid up and the hijinks he would bring, but on the "will they or won't they" get together aspect.

Without giving anything away, I was not a fan of the ending. It left a bad taste in my movie watching mouth.

The bloopers in the bonus features were kind of funny. They showed a lot of footage of trying to shoot scenes with the kids. Man, it is no joke working with those rug rats.