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  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

    Resident Evil: The Final Chapter


    Basically a sequel to Resident Evil: Retribution, Alice is the only one who makes it. She then is lured back to the hive in Raccoon City where the Umbrella Corporation is counting down to the death of the last remaining survivors of the apocalypse.

    I totally saw this for a couple minutes of Korean star, Lee Joon-gi, of which I am a fan! I totally gave it a whole star just for having him in the movie. I was a…

  • Let's Get Married

    Let's Get Married


    WenWen the manager of a bridal boutique is closer to her Mr Right than she thinks. Yi Wen falls for the mysteriously open guide when she travels to Europe for a violin competition. Lei Xiao loves her pilot boyfriend but when he won't ask her to marry him believes the same is not true for him. Hai Xin is a successful control freak who stubbornly breaks up her marriage when her easy going husband puts his foot down.

    Asian movies…

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  • American Hustle

    American Hustle


    I'm not a fan of this kind of story. None-the-less I was blown away. To me it was the actors. They are all so recognizable that I did come out of the story a little to marvel that, wow, that's Bale? Yup, that's him. The cast couldn't have done a better job embodying their characters though.

    Bale probably wowed me the most because really, who knew he had such acting chops! And so nuanced!

    I adored Jennifer Lawrence as a…

  • I, Frankenstein

    I, Frankenstein


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I was overwhelmed by all the telling! Almost every moment of the movie was telling, with just a handful of scenes mainly to showcase some big special effects or to have a battle. The ratio of effects scenes to un-effect scenes was not balanced at all and made the movie such a joke.

    I didn't mind Aaron Eckhart and I loved Yvonne Strahovski from Chuck. She was the best part of the movie even if her character was a little…