Rocketman ★★★★

Yeah you should see ‘Rocketman’. You really should see ‘Rocketman’.

This is coming as someone who’s not an Elton John fan. Like I only knew a few of his songs and I was just swept away; Dexter Fletcher has knocked it out of the stadium. The narrative is so well told, with such powerfully energetic uses of cinema; I won’t spoil anything but my mouth was hanging wide open at some of the musical sequences! Jamie Bell was an absolute delight, Stephen Graham is hilarious, and of course Taron Edgerton was amazing. I haven’t actually seen any films with him in so for me it wasn’t a dead-cert and in fact a very pleasant surprise just how fucking good he was. But, this movie and Taron’s performance come with a caveat. Yes an actor can play Elton John, and actor can play Freddy Mercury or John Lennon, but please, please Hollywood don’t ever feel it is right to make ‘Starman’, because no actor, no other human being, can play David Bowie. Wait a minute. Has Johnny Flynn been cast in a Bowie movie?! Ah well he seems like a pretty good choice if ever there was one! Don’t you dare screw this up people; my recommendation, let Dexter get his hands on it!

This is my very immediate reaction, and it’s possible that when I let time settle my rating could change, but as I walked out the cinema I felt ecstatic! When will the smile I got from the film and the music of Elton humming round my head leave me. I think it’s gonna be a long long time!

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