La La Land

La La Land ★★★★★

(spoiler alert i guess, but if you haven’t seen this then wyd!!) i’m feeling a bit shitty so i decided to stick this on. i’ll never forget the feeling i had when the credits rolled after i saw this in the cinema. i absolutely adore this film and i always find such comfort in it. sebastians consistent “fuck ‘em, fuck it” attitude is what i need when i feel like this. i’m a worrier and i care (too much) about making everyone else happy to the extent where i lose some of my own happiness. this film helps me gain that joy back and to relax a little. 

although many would say it doesn’t have a happy ending, i couldn’t disagree more. i find comfort in the hard work and success of the characters, in the softened neon glows, the dreamy score and stylish cinematography. i love this film despite its flaws and i am so grateful damien chazelle made it. i know it wasn’t created for me, but it’ll always feel like it was.

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