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  • Deceived



    About as middle-of-the-road a 90s thriller you're likely to see; Hawn puts in a good performance, but the material is mediocre and the pace doesn't help things too much. Herd shows potential but ultimately is miscast and really can't sell the menacing moments required of him in the finale.

  • Society



    Never as good as I remember it; obvious and uneven, but ultimately leads to a spectacular finale for special-effects fans.

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  • Fletch



    Michael Ritchie's Fletch is an endlessly re-watchable -- and quotable -- comedy/action flick with a solid plot adapted from the book of the same name. The kind of movie that I can watch any day of the year (and in any mood) and I'll love it no matter what.

  • Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

    Romy and Michele's High School Reunion


    Caught most of this on TV over the weekend and figured I'd log it anyway, because this movie is super funny and completely underrated when it comes to 90s comedy discussions/best-of lists/etc.