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  • Night Angel

    Night Angel


    must have been in the right mood because this hit the spot. lots of great effects and the high late-80s cheese-factor helped the slightly uneven pace out when things started to drag.

    there's she-demons spitting snakes, a carnival-ass Society-esque freak-out bar, heart rippings, a whoo-shh-shhh-shhh sound that you can play a drinking game to and Doug Jones doing an intense ground-hop floor-dance.... thing.... hey all said it was a good time imo.

  • Burning Vengeance

    Burning Vengeance


    comparisons to GETEVEN and Parole Violators are overstated but what this lacks in action it makes up with wild dialogue readings and a great trap-based finale (shot gun go-kart is an all timer.) stars not-quite-Arnold as a character named BROCK GENESIS so that should let you know if this is something you want to watch.

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  • Better Watch Out

    Better Watch Out

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Garbage that ultimately has nothing to say about the gross male entitlement and misogyny that it is using as window-dressing and an excuse for its lol so dark horror-comedy

    Also somehow finds a way to become even more offensive when it pulls out the 'I'm a monster because mommy stopped hugging me' bullshit

    Fuck off.

  • Mannequin



    Mannequin Pixie Dream Girl