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  • The Keepers

    The Keepers


    Netflix's The Keepers begins with a debut episode that frames the show as another Making A Murderer style docu-series, tracking the mysterious murder of Sister Cathy and the amateur sleuths who are determined to figure out what really happened.

    You'd be forgiven if you thought it was a slight spin on your usual true-crime documentary, but what comes in the following episodes is much more.

    Episode 2 reveals a deeper story, one which frequently hops between 1969, the 90s and…

  • World Gone Wild

    World Gone Wild


    I expected more, but I'm not sure why. Bruce Dern has a real snarky thing going on here that really helps the movie on the whole; Adam Ant continues the long tradition of "He's the villain?!" in these kinds of pictures.

    Not sure if it was just my copy - or the way the movie was edited from the start - but it definitely felt chopped down; tons of cut-away-from-violence/nudity-just-before-it-happens moments early on.

    Anyway, certainly not the worst post-apocalyptic flick, but it ain't gonna knock your socks off either. Another one for the weekender pile.

  • Kidnap



    Hahaha, this was the dumb I was in the mood for.

    Shockingly poor editing and direction, but a few vehicular moments landed well enough.

    Enough laughable and ridiculous moments that I feel like I got what I came for.

    It's no The Call though, unfortunately.

  • Table 19

    Table 19


    I don't know, I liked this one. Solid cast, and I enjoyed that it turns into The Breakfast Club basically. Nothing to go into with high expectations, an easy weekend watch with a few solid laughs.

  • Parenthood



    A great, great comedy with terrific drama and performances. Only thing that feels too movie-y is the bookies who wanna kill the brother. Otherwise, a total charmer.

  • Vision Quest

    Vision Quest


    Parts of Vision Quest are four-star worthy, but other parts are really... not.

    Maybe some of the most incongruous dialogue around, at one moment pitch-perfect and others wildly inappropriate and out of nowhere vulgar.

    Close to being a real gem; they really shoulda done something about that awful title though.

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    Doesn't have the 'I could hang any frame of this movie on my wall as art' aesthetic that Prometheus has, but it DOES have some fucking gnarly-ass burstin'. Starts off as a damn solid alien flick, morphs into mini-Prometheus weridness for a bit, and then rounds the bases to a standard-ish action flick but with a Xeno before getting bleak as hell.

    It might not all add up completely to a super-cohesive whole but fuck me if I don't admire it's batshit ambitions.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


    Delightful; shaggier in structure than the first, but better for it most of the time to be honest. This one is much less about how these characters maneuver through a boilerplate Marvel structure and much more about how they interact. It really earns its emotional climax and all the relationships feel realized and interesting.

    It does drag a pinch through the second third, but that's worth overlooking on the grand scheme of things.

  • Wilson



    That was... Fine.

    Takes a while to settle in, and then mostly gets by on chuckles and the commitment of the cast.

  • Alien 2: On Earth

    Alien 2: On Earth


    There's actually some fun to be found with this Italian rip-off, though milage may vary as it is paced glacially to the point where it almost becomes a bizarre Italian hangout picture.

    The "aliens" hang out inside blue rocks, execute a few moments of gnarly head trauma, and the film ends fairly hilariously with a "you could be next!" title card.

    Viewers with some patience will likely find some entertainment in here but this one earns its reputation for sure.

  • Winners Take All

    Winners Take All


    Standard 80s sports film with slight sprinkles of comedy and drama; much of the latter comes from the relationship between our main character, his enemy, the woman who comes between them and the requesit good-girl love interest.

    This time the sport is motocross, with some solid race footage. Unfortunately the drama is bland and the comedy moments are slight to a fault. Not the best entry in the genre but far from inept.

  • Thrashin'


    The skateboard crew featured in much of Thrashin' (Tony Alva, Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, etc.) make what could have been a pretty bog-standard Breakin' riff into something a bit more special.

    It also helps that it stars Josh Brolin, which I don't think I realized how great that was when I saw this in High School.