The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man ★★★★½

I was not expecting to enjoy this movie as much as I did. It was genuinely a good thriller flick, which kept me wanting more. I found myself to be extremely invested with the storyline and found the whole concept to be very unique. 
Something else I was fascinated by and thought the film succeeded in doing well was the unique camera shots that were included. It was extremely well done and incredibly crafted and thought it really boosted the quality of the film. The way the camera displayed certain scenarios was something I have never seen done before. Also the cinematography was pretty outstanding if I do say so myself. 
Also I wanna praise Elizabeth Moss in this, because she was PHENOMENAL!!! She really gave us everything and was flawless! The acting was superior!  
The film also had a lot to offer and I was pleased with the results. It’s a film I can definitely see myself rewatching in the future as there is just so much to take from it that you possibly can’t with only one viewing. Overall, a very surprising and solid film!

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