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  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon


    refn can't write people, but he *especially* cannot write women in particular. nor can he make commentaries or deconstructions on anything. i could just look at a screensaver for the runtime of this film and get equal visual thrills while being spared edgelord bullshit and the predatory lesbian trope played as straight as nicolas winding refn is.

  • In My Skin

    In My Skin


    "but if snow is like skin: it pulls away so easy, dragged from the body" - jordaan mason

    this is perhaps the most disgusting film in the gore it portrays than any other i've seen in my whole life. however it accomplishes this not by sheer amount of gore, but by portraying it on a micro-scale, and as compulsive ritual and instinct. its body horror is so atrocious not just because of its detail, but because of the unflinching naturalism…

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  • Demonlover



    one of the best anti-capitalist films ever made: businesses filled with such amorality that they will negotiate the most illicit deals with a vile casualness, and high-up workers for said businesses who scheme, plot, spy and double-cross all in attempts to benefit themselves and sabotage competition. but there is no real competition, no humanity, no ability for anybody to be in control when everything is transactional, when people are able to be sold and used as leverage so the rich get to make a bit more money from the pockets of desensitised all-American teens.

  • Happy New Year, Colin Burstead

    Happy New Year, Colin Burstead

    very disappointed that this isn't called "Colin You Anus" anymore